The unprecedented growth in unstructured data which encompasses e-mail messages, word processing documents, videos, photos, audio files, presentations, webpages and many other kinds of business documents are accelerating. This has been compounded by the popularity of rich media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of content. Unsustainable for current NAS/SAN infrastructures, backup and restoration eats into valuable time within an enterprise, while migration from older storage systems to new is very labour intensive.

All of this also serves to increase the cost. Most Corporates are faced with a flat to declining storage budget and are compelled to manage the ever increasing storage with limited resources. SLT understands the need for a drastic change in storage infrastructure to tame the data explosion. Accordingly Cloudian together with Akaza, SLT’s national cloud platform offers Corporates a powerful and cost effective storage solution. By using Cloudian, a business will have the benefit of stronger protection for data back up and disaster recovery alongside overall lower storage costs.


Cloudian provides file versioning which ensures that businesses don’t overwrite old files when changes are made. Automatic syncing allows updating of files to reflect any edits made in real time ensuring that backed up data is always up to date. Cloudian also allows users to view and edit files from the cloud on any computer, smartphone, tablet or other Internet-connected device which means that documents can be edited and those edits synced across all devices. When taking business to the cloud, security is a very important feature. Taking this in to account Cloudian encrypts data before it leaves the Company services.


Features & Benefits

  • Quicker deployment of applications improving agility.
  • Manages data distribution and protection based on the value of the data using HyperStore Dynamic Policy Engine.
  • Detects and repairs from any failure across the system by replicating content across physical resources.
  • Elastic storage infrastructure that can be easily expanded or shrunk based on the demand from applications or end-users.
  • End-users can self-provision their own storage.
  • Reduces costs of storage acquisition, managing storage environment, and data migration.
  • A wide choice of 350+, S3-compatible complementary applications ranging from backup/recovery, file sync and share, archiving.
  • No staggering upfront investment costs.
  • Payment is structured based on usage ensuring no strain on financial resources.
  • 24/7 technical phone and email support.

Use Cases

Enterprise Backup

File Sync & Share


Keep snapshot for Akaza IAAS platform


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