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A majority of enterprises utilize websites and blogs to engage with their customers and reach potential others. While there is much value to be gained in terms of web content, selecting a suitable web host is critical for several reasons. Revenue generation, and profit maximization primarily, followed by search engine optimization ranking (SEO) so that customers can find an online business presence easily which will serve to improve ranking. Even more essential is ensuring the security of a business website preventing any malware attacks.

With SLT’s personalized web hosting solution and state of the art data centre, businesses can now have their own website with minimum initial cost together with superior technical support. A widely used and superior web hosting automation program, Plesk 12 is deployed on both Windows and Red Hat delivering the most personalized packaging of shared hosting.

Features & Benefits

  • Affordable – gives value to the money spent.
  • Efficient - Scalability with ample disk space and dynamic bandwidth to accommodate business needs.
  • Easy to use - Open source applications to customize website such as Joomla, Word press, Drupal, Vanilla Forums, Gallery, Easy Gallery, 4images, Ajax Chat, DocFAQ, Events, Links, Moodle, Open Cart, osCommerce, phpBB, phpAds, phpmychat, VideoDB, Zen Cart.
  • Customizable - Widely adopted programing languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP5° for Windows and Linux.
  • Worry-free uptime and around the clock technical support.
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer.
  • SEO - Better control over the SEO process providing a business with the ability and access to keep optimizing its practices in the longer term.
  • Business continuity – Backup and restore capabilities.
  • E-mail attached to a business website.
  • Easy FTP Access allowing secure transfer of sensitive files.


  • From assisting an enterprise to finding a domain name to providing the creation and design tools required to build a website, SLT offers assistance to form relevant e-commerce sites, and make communication easier with email functionality. The upside is that apart from creating visibility for the customer, the business website will also be updated as and when required.
  • SLT’s shared hosting service allows businesses to benefit from technical support around the clock via 24/7 phone and email support as well as better web security which will not be available with free web hosting services. Sensitivity of data is ensured while confirmation of data backup and restoration capabilities are also provided along with DNS management.

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