The primary importance of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a software delivery mechanism is the fact that it shifts enterprise focus from deploying and supporting software applications to managing the services that applications provide instead. Deploying complex enterprise software such as ERP and CRM applications require a significant investment in physical infrastructure, licensing costs, as well as a large team of skilled IT personnel to integrate the software with existing systems and data. This eats into financial resources and time spent on non-value added activities.

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Akaza technology can assist your enterprise in this aspect of business. The initial investment to be amortized is not staggering, and you can adopt a pay- on- the- go mode of payment. This is even more of an advantage for enterprises who adopt a SAAS application that proves to be disappointing to the business, as they are able to walk away without having to abandon expensive on-site infrastructure. It is also beneficial for smaller enterprises where software deployment is an out-of-reach exercise in view of cost. Akaza will take over the responsibility of ensuring that all software applications are kept running on a daily basis, together with managing upgrades, monitoring performance, and ensuring availability. By transferring the responsibility to Akaza, the IT unit within the enterprise is freed to focus on more high-value activities that support the business goals of the enterprise.


  • Multitenant architecture allows easier software updates and upgrades.
  • Common set of web service protocols allows easier integration.
  • Rapid deployment of applications.
  • Scalability which allows the adjustment of system capacity based on usage and demand.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Services can be obtained on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Single sign in by simply using a user name and password to access all applications
  • Enterprise directed Zero day start day stop activation ensuring real time checks against user identity
  • Guaranteed IOPS for specific application requirements
  • Premium Technical Support - 24X7X365 monitoring by a dedicated engineering team


Features and Functionality

Akaza brings in industry best practices and expertise when it comes to multidisciplinary software systems.
  • Your enterprise will not have to hire special consultants, system integrators, and database administrators to implement systems, while access to applications is easy using any Internet connection or via SLT IPVPN.
  • Customers can also reduce time spent on software testing, and UAT lifecycles, by adopting Akaza SaaS.
  • With multitenant architecture, all users and applications will share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained.
  • Businesses can innovate more quickly and save valuable development time, previously spent on maintaining numerous versions of outdated code.
  • Applications can be customized to suit business processes without affecting the common infrastructure while upgrades are also possible with minimal customer risk at a lower cost.

AppStack provides a simple to use portal for access to application services. This enables the end user to do self-service application provisioning and ongoing management. Through a simple Quick Launch interface, user can deploy these applications in just few clicks:

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