In today’s business environment, the Akaza Cloud Platform takes away the complexity of having to manage traditional on premise application deployment. The need to procure, install, and configure hardware database and application servers, along with a development and test environment, additional administration, and management of the infrastructure, database and middleware eats into additional time, money and corporate resources. PaaS or Platform as a Service is the solution to allowing faster deployment of new applications. In collaboration with leading cloud platform provider, Cumulogic, Akaza’s technology makes it easy to develop, deploy and manage applications on any cloud, while improving efficiency, time-to-market, and lower the cost of management.

Benefits to the Business


  • With AKAZA PAAS, enterprises can lower their IT costs by using Development/DevOps environments. Developers get access to self-service application infrastructure within seconds and deploy applications with a single click, while ALAZA’s CumuLogic platform manages the application lifecycle endto-end
  • Hosted Web Apps

  • Large scale web applications require low latency and high performance application infrastructure services, such as NoSQL or SQL databases, elastic load balancers and large amounts of distributed cache. CumuLogic’s software suite provides all the infrastructure services for such large scale applications, so developers can quickly build and deploy complex architectures on any cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • AKAZA Cloud Services can be architected to provide your customers a disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solution, making DR extremely cost effective for enterprises and with significantly faster recovery times.
  • Big Data Analysis

  • With its support for autoscalable NoSQL database services, CumuLogic Cloud Services provide all the resources required to build architectures for big data analysis
  • Develop, Migrate and Manage Custom Applications

  • With the CumuLogic Eclipse Plug-in, developers can deploy applications with a single click. Because CumuLogic’s platform supports a variety of application infrastructure services, existing applications can be deployed to the cloud with near-zero code re-write, making application migration a breeze. The platform also automates all management features from a single control plane on either private, public or hybrid cloud environments.


Features and Functionalities

With AKAZA PaaS, enterprises developers are provided with access to self-service application infrastructure within seconds so that they can quickly build and deploy applications with a single click. This is ideal for those who strive to deploy ecommerce sites, and large scale web applications which require low latency and high performance application infrastructure services. Disaster Recovery (DR) site PaaS is the more cost effective and secure methodology for a corporate enterprise in view of significantly faster recovery times, self-service portals and robust technology.

  • Quicker deployment of applications improving agility.
  • Seamless migration of existing applications.
  • Delivery of high performance database and caching services for enterprise applications.
  • Investment protection of existing IT assets by allowing you to pick and choose application infrastructure components.
  • Portability of Applications thereby eliminating cloud vendor lock-in.
  • API-driven services for improved efficiency and time-to-market.
  • Services include Relational and NoSQL Database-as-a-Service, Elastic Load Balancer and Distributed In-Memory Cache as-a-Service.
  • Integrated Platform-as-Service (PaaS) for Java, Spring, PHP, Python, and Grails applications.
  • All cloud services are fully managed, fault-tolerant, secure and scalable.
  • Simplified DevOps and application lifecycle management.


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