Akaza provides the much awaited solution to staggering IT infrastructure and maintenance costs as well as technology obsolescence faced by corporate enterprises. The fundamental service stack, IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service has removed the emphasis from the traditional CAPEX model to that of investment in virtual infrastructure or hardware as and when needed.

Ranging from virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers, Akaza gives you the means to draw on a pool of hardware resources, which the cloud provider is responsible to maintain.
The corporate customer is provided with access to build his own IT platforms upon which he can develop projects and applications of any scale. Highly recommended for enterprises who will have to otherwise incur a significant investment in computing infrastructure, Akaza will provide on demand resources, and maintain them saving you time and cost.


  • Zero investment - No physical hardware and recurring maintenance costs
  • Up to date technology
  • Scalability - Infrastructure resource is available on a needs basis. This eliminates wastage of unused capacity and reduces delay in capacity expansion.
  • Save Time and Money - Infrastructure maintenance by the cloud provider
  • On demand resource allocation
  • Pay as you go – Pay for only what use
  • Mobility - Accessibility from anywhere provided there is an internet connection and the security protocol of the cloud allows for it
  • High Availability - No single point of failure ensuring that the best availability
  • Carrier grade connectivity to infrastructure
  • Guaranteed IOPS for specific application requirements
  • Premium Technical Support - 24X7X365 monitoring by a dedicated engineering team


Features and Functionality

Employing a pay as you go model, Akaza provides you with the enterprise infrastructure deployed through internal business networks such a private clouds and virtual local area networks which use pooled server and networking resources. Businesses can then store their data and run their applications on a daily basis. Should a business look towards expansion it can choose to scale its infrastructure in line with its requirement thereby eliminating wastage.

Akaza technology will also assist you in cloud hosting wherein enterprises can install their selected software prior to developing their web application. All corporate enterprises will be linked to Sri Lanka Telecom’s enterprise block storage, the largest within the island.

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