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The popularity of eLearning in the area of training, and the benefits of cloud-based Learning Management Systems have contributed towards organizations wanting to offer training methods that are flexible and cost-effective. AKAZA eLearning is an enterprise and educational e-Learning platform made available over the Internet on “AKAZA”. This encapsulates the end-to-end process of training from course registration to certification.

Employees/learners can follow courses, face online assessments and leave feedback on the followed courses. Course administrator can upload documents as part of course assignments, can evaluate assignments, and view progress of learners

Your business can list all of its course offerings including prices, and issue an online certificate with company branding to learners on completion of the course. An administration panel with comprehensive administrator capabilities has control over the learners, while a summary of their progress and activities of the entire learner community can be extracted.

With advanced reporting features, comprehensive reports can be generated which can be exported to different formats including PDF and xls for further analysis or record storage.

The key value additions offered is an AKAZA eLearning Content Development Service called ‘EduPrep’ that provides tailor-made learning and training programs developed to meet your exact needs and vision. Also offered is a Public Course Market Place which encompasses some of the latest off-the-shelf courses of leading global e-Learning content providers such as Rosetta Stone and eUniversity

Key Benefits

  • Lower startup costs considering there is no software or hardware to purchase, nor is there a requirement for human resources to install programs. Charges based on monthly rental fee.
  • Reduced training costs & increase number of trainings
  • Offers opportunities for employees to access the information when they need it most
  • Improved knowledge retention and increased employee productivity
  • Flexibility for employees to learn at their own pace and eliminate the need for onsite instructors at pre-scheduled trainings
  • Quick and convenient training updates and rapid deployment of learning content

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Features and Functionalities

The AKAZA eLearning provides your business with a SaaS Solution where you can subscribe to your Learning Management System (LMS) via single tenant or multitenant infrastructure.

  • Quicker deployment of applications improving agility.
  • Seamless migration of existing applications.
  • Delivery of high performance database and caching services for enterprise applications.
  • Investment protection of existing IT assets by allowing you to pick and choose application infrastructure components.
  • Portability of Applications thereby eliminating cloud vendor lock-in.
  • API-driven services for improved efficiency and time-to-market.
  • Services include Relational and NoSQL Database-as-a-Service, Elastic Load Balancer and Distributed In-Memory Cache as-a-Service.
  • Integrated Platform-as-Service (PaaS) for Java, Spring, PHP, Python, and Grails applications.
  • All cloud services are fully managed, fault-tolerant, secure and scalable.
  • Simplified DevOps and application lifecycle management.

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