On demand access to a multiple array of information technology related services has become an imperative of corporate enterprises, who have therefore drawn heavily on the cloud platform as the default mechanism to carry out business today. In a Sri Lankan context this paradigm shift towards the cloud has been slower considering the uncertainty in relation to data and information security. It is in this backdrop that Akaza, the national cloud platform of Sri Lanka Telecom has truly delivered. Local corporates are now able to utilize shared configurable computing resources via locally hosted internet servers, and pay in line with usage. This groundbreaking venture has addressed the essential requirement of securing confidential data which is where the bottleneck has been.

Akaza’s technology typically integrates all of its cloud services inclusive of Iaas, PaaS, DaaS, SaaS and CaaS with the business management platform of corporate enterprises. Effectively, a gamut of services ranging from infrastructure to software can be accessed by way of a self-service catalogue online, centralizing user management. The need for manual intervention in the form of technical support for provision of services has become obsolete thereby empowering the user. The end result? A cost effective means to secure management of essential data and information, reduced downtime to maintain and troubleshoot, significant improvement in IT related service delivery speeds, and ultimately a means for improvement of internal efficiencies.

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